Cosmos and Religion

Religion as a social construct is a mechanism that identifies a deity and that deity’s relationship to creation and humankind. Initially deity was seen as the thunder or the lightning or the wind or some fearsome animal that demanded sacrifice. Later the thunder and lightning or wind or some fearsome animal was seen as a messenger or an incarnation of the deity. As humankind developed with its various sociopolitical socioeconomic and communal structures deity became a revelatory dialogue between the deity and his or her or its creation and it was humankind that determine what the revelation was and how it related to daily and eternal life. It is within that dialogue that faith took seed and began to separate from the stalk of religion. Faith is an honest and equal engagement with the Person who calls existence into consciousness. It is a dance not unlike a wrestling match with that Person and Reality that far exceeds the limitations of intellect and or emotion. Faith unlike our science is not mathematical and certainly not “empirical” and even if it were our “empiricism” is at best subjective. Whether metaphor or noun faith cannot be defined by its packaging beyond the ribbons of thought that binds it to our consciousness but perhaps faith is like the universe a thread in the fabric of energy and light.


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