The Wife thing

We do not factually know what was the social milieu as sociologists would call it of ancient Palestine/Israel. We can speculate and extrapolate but we really cannot empirically know. We do know for example that there was some 300 or so “messiahs” at the time but only one whose followers actually survived his physical death and only one whose followers believed passionately in his literal Resurrection. We can from rabbinical sources deduce what was the commonly held Jewish theological positions on many different subjects but we cannot deduce what were the radical departures from those positions that may have occurred in the Jewish community and or which rabbinical or non rabbinical teachers were adherents or opponents of those departures. There is no way that Dr King or any other person can prove empirically that Jesus had a wife or if Jesus was or was not gay. It boils down to one Question and it is a Question that Jesus asked of his disciples and of us “who do YOU say I am?”! How we answer determines in which pew we sit or if we sit at all.


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