“gpd language”

God language as it is now called amongst” the scribes and Pharisees” otherwise known as theologians is for many one giant stumbling block and as usual it is becuase English in particular has difficulties with Aramaic and ancient Greek let alone Hebrew when it comes to expressing what these ancient languages actually means especially when Jesus uses the word Abba. Now throw into the mixture that the Hebrew word for Spirit which is a feminine noun that does not translate as “she” and you can see the problem. St Sophia which means “holy wisdom” does not mean “holy she or holy her” even though the word wisdom is feminine.
Males recorded and edited the Scriptures because at that time and place and geography in history it was men who were taught to read and write and once again the stew grows in flavor and hue. What a piece of work is man or humankind says the Bard and so it goes.


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