A human face on deportation

Blanca Cardenas was recently deported from California to Mexico despite the fact that her husband and two children are US citizens and you know why, becuase her family dared to try and avoid foreclosure on their home. Bank of America’s response, despite a court order to the contrary that gave her and her husband bankruptcy protection was to call the LA police department and have them evicted! But to add insult to injury they reported Blanca to the Immigration Department because she did not have a green card and she was deported. She was imprisoned and separated from her family while her husband and children cried in disbelief and pain. The family’s agony was evident to anyone who had a soul! After pressure from Occupy folkes she was allowed briefly to return but again was denied the human right and dignity to remain with her family.

This is the human face of deportation. This is the human face of immigration. This is the insanity of bureaucratic and politically driven policies that play on unfounded fears and the racism that goes with them.

If this nation is to have any real credibility, any real hope for change ,any justifiable audacity this injustice must stop and stop now!


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