Reply to Ralf Reed

Dear Mr Reed: Our community received your so called “voter survey”. It is offensive and thoroughly unChristian. You are a false shepherd and a fraud. You preach a fake gospel that is ideology by any other name and most importantly the Name you claim to serve is ashamed of you and does and will not “Know you” either now or at the Dread Judgement. Your fruits are not of the Spirit they are of the Enemy. You spread division, exclusion, bigotry, racism and hate in the name of the god of this world Mammon while daring to claim the title “Christian”. If your fascist organization that would make the KKK look like a Sunday School picnic has the audacity to claim a non profit status I hope for the sake of this Republic they prosecute you and it for the deception you practice both in religion and in politics! Here is the email address for Reed’s organization: INFO@FFCOALITION.COM


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