Friday thoughts

Just some thoughts on this soon to be Friday Shabbot. Our Sabbath is Sunday. You cannot dialogue when only one person is engaged in the conversation. You cannot have a conversation when you are the only one talking. If you believe in even in the most elementary science such as the earth is round you cannot share any ideas with someone who sees the earth as flat. You cannot please everyone, not everyone is going to like you or respect you and certainly not love you, and there will always be someone that is better looking, better built ,richer and more intelligent than you. If this comes as a revelation it should be the cause of your emancipation! Lastly know that those in power especially Republicans and the racists that love them do not care a continental damn if you live or die. There is no such thing as being a centrist anymore. You have to make a choice and please for the sake of our collective sanity do not under any circumstances use the fundamentally insulting remark that you vote for the person and not the party!!!!


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