World War III

Many many years ago I had the privilege of meeting and getting to know a scientist that worked on the Manhattan Project. His expertise was in the field of electromagnetic radiation. Occasional we would have the opportunity to talk about the results of that project which we all know, the creation of the Atom Bomb! Dr Ray, his first name, once told me that each person had to come to some kind of accommodation with what they in either large or small measure created and its horrific effects. He told me once that they knew the Germans would have made the first Atomic bomb had the war gone badly for the Allies and had we not been able to capture most of their scientists. He also said that they knew in part what was rumored to be the numbers of American causalities as well as the Japanese civilian and military causalities had an invasion of the Home Islands taken place and for some of his colleagues this was at least come comfort. One day during such a discussion I ask him if he knew what Robert Oppenheimer had said once he knew that the bomb had been dropped successfully and he responded affirmatively. Oppenheimer quoted the Hindu Scriptures ” I am become Death the Destroyer of Worlds”! If we do not find a peaceful and verifiable solution to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon Israel with the Holocaust as its living legacy and collective memory will one way or the other stop the Iranians who have pledged to wipe Israel from the face of the earth. That well could be the beginning of World War Three and the religious nut cases in Islam, Judaism and Christianity will see it as the Final War even as the mushroom cloud proceeds at supersonic speed to vaporize them and us form collective memory because there will be no world left to remember, Shalom Salaam Please!


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