Random Thoughts

Some random thoughts on this soon to be Friday Sabbath.

Sam Champion of Good Morning America finally “came out” publicly. Duh we all have known that for years,makes you wonder what takes some folkes so long to say whatever one else knows!

Read an article in the New Yorker about Romney and his Mormonism that is wed to his “free market” ideology. Scary really but not surprising.

Asheville is having its Pride weekend this weekend.

John has his birthday on Sunday and he will turn well we will let him say his age if he chooses. He is part of my soul and heart and I love him dearly.

Lastly to the Great I Am of All please remember all who suffer, all who are in pain both physical and mental, please do not let evil have the last word, keep all your Creation in the Bosom of Your Heart, make Time a friendly illusion for us, and let a few miracles unexpectedly come to be. Make the Wind our friend and the Sea our Companion and let the echo of life always fill our ears AMEN


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