“The New Uncle Tom’s Cabin”

The Republican Party is the newest reincarnation of Uncle Tom’s Cabin except the modern day Tea Party Republican is the Plantation owners and their Overseers are the Tea Party Congressman and Senators who now infest the Congress. The Democrats are the Abolitionists and their allies the poor, the immigrant, the African American, the Latino,GLBT folke,Asian-American, Native American, the student, the elderly, the sick, and women are the folkes who the Planter Class see as a threat to their wealth and life style.
Just as in the original Uncle Tom’s Cabin and the society it was set in the New Plantations owners are opposed to education. As one Planter named Rick Santorum stated “smart people don’t support us” becuase he knows and the Abolitionists know if people are educated they will demand their freedom and they will demand of their government their civil rights. The New Planters like their ancestors have the support of a counterfeit religion masquerading as Christianity called “the evangelicals” who tell Uncle Tom and all his kind that it is God’s will that they serve the Planter and it is in God’s Word that they do so. The New Abolitionists who long ago rejected the notion of the Earth being flat have a hard time trying to understand so narrow a view and even a harder time convincing Uncle Toms everywhere that such Creative Design is nonsense.
The Plantation class understand themselves to be in a struggle for control of the bodies and minds of those who serve them so for them the Abolitionists are the Devil’s Legions. They see wealth as Divine Approval of their righteousness and poverty as Divine Judgement on those unfortunate enough to be poor. In the Planters Bible the City on the Hill shines not because of its humanity but becuase of its gold. Liberty to the Planter Class is only as good as the gold it can buy.
The Abolitionist on the other hand see Uncle Tom and his kin in bondage to the market and to the greed which it produces. Greed that controls nations and is destroying the earth itself. Abolitionists believe in the Common Good and in a market of equal access and opportunity. They relish education and honour the struggle of oppressed peoples everywhere. There is no Divine right of the possession of wealth at the exclusion of justice and freedom. For the Abolitionist Uncle Tom has a choice unlike his predecessor and that choice is the emancipation for everyone or slavery for all who are not Planters, and Planters, are as everyone knows, white male and American.


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