Joe and the Neophyte Journalists

On matters generational. the slick air brushed pundits of politics are having a field day with Joe Biden’s debate performance. He is not after all like them with teeth that could go supernova becuase of their brightness and hair perfectly done and always in place. He is not some wannabe studmuffin who knows how to work the camera lens nor is he a devotee of the latest mocha concoction or fashion trend. His angst is not their angst and, unlike them, he does not see himself as the centre of the universe. So when Joe trips over a word, unlike those actors, who call themselves serious journalists and who practice the script like a follower of a computer programme, they laugh at him with condescending amusement. They, unlike Joe, were teethed on cyber games and 15 seconds of fame and are as the Bard once said “full of sound and fury signifying nothing”! Their brains have been fed so much synthesized pablum they know only sound bites and ratings. Joe Biden, who grew up in the real world of injustice and inequality, has already forgotten more than these little egos will ever learn about politics and world affairs.


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