Indulgence Day

Today is a day that is linked historically rather indirectly from some folkes perspective to Luther having a hissy fit and rightfully so about indulgences. It is weird when you think about it I mean why would they have called it “an indulgence” since they, being the preachers and head dudes in the Church, were always going around being a real kill Joy when it came to anything being “indulged”! On a more academic note the Prince of Rome otherwise known as the Pope needed money, sound familiar, and so he in a marketing scheme any American advertiser would have been proud of and would want to take credit for, devised a full proof plan to get the gold. He sent out his salesmen with all kinds of fancy looking documents with all kinds of fancy looking seals with a sales pitch to match that said “Listen up, for only 19.99 you can purchase a shorter stay in purgatory for you or for a loved one and while this offer last you can get not one not two but four indulgences for the price of one. For an additional love offering of 25 dollars you also get access to our web site “Purgatory Made Easy” and “How to survive the End Times” but wait that is not all you also get an autographed copy of ” The Church Can It Change in Time” by a world renown bishop. Hurry this offer by the Holy Father Broadcast Network in cooperation with your local Fox channel will not last long. There is still Even more! Your Vulnerable children are admitted to additional church sites such as the ever popular “Father Feel Good” for free with your payment of only 19.99 This will change your life both in the here and now and in the hereafter, but only if you claim your indulgences for you and your loved ones. We take cash and Visa only.”


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