The Times are a-changing

“The Times they are a-changing” This afternoon John and I went to the grocery store. We found one of the cashier stations open and while John went to pick up some potatoes we had forgotten to purchase I went ahead and brought the grocery cart to the check out counter. I make a point to read a person’s name tag becuase having worked in retail and knowing the feeling of being invisible I want to at least acknowledge a person by name. The teenage boy who was assisting the cashier was named Joshua so I said in a very light hearted way ” Joshua did you win the battle of Jericho” and he looked at me as if I were from another planet! Again I ask “did you win the battle of Jericho?” and suddenly the teenage cashier said “isn’t that from the Bible?” to which I replied “yes” and before I could say anything else Joshua says to young girl in a very confused state “I don’t what he is talking about?”! At this point I knew a Bible lesson would be utterly useless so I said to Joshua “it is from the title of a Spiritual called “Joshua fit the Battle of Jericho and the walls came tumbling down”. Our Joshua had no clue even then since the title had no rhyme or expletives that he would have recognized from his own music. Next the young cashier says “my favorite book is Revelations and my boyfriend says that the hurricane called Sandy, you know the one they called Frankenstorm is the one mentioned in the Book of Revelations”! Again I paused and said “no dear Revelations had nothing to do with the hurricane, global warming produced the hurricane” and I told her, knowing I was probably treading where the angels fear to trod, that the Book of Revelations had nothing to do with the End of Time either and everything to do with the Roman Empire! I assume that the young lady was probably a Baptist or some kind of “evangelical” and as for Joshua well there are one or two Protestant denominations that quickly leap to mind along with the Roman Catholic that might explain his lack of knowledge of Scripture or perhaps his Mom and Dad just like the name “Joshua”!


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