Mormon Underwear

Just saw an add for Mormon temple garments commonly called underwear by a company ran by an ex Mormon. Turns out the underwear is Mormon as long as it follows the ritual requirements of design and stitch which has Masonic symbols sewn into the material. Mormon knickers are not kosher nor even “blessed” in some way but there is a ritual involved when you put them on. I am sorry and to each his own but temple knickers!
I wonder if the so called “evangelicals” who think that Jesus is an American realize that the Mormon church teaches that Jesus has a brother and that brother is Satan or that God the Father has a physical body just like Jesus and they both are gods along with the Spirit.
Saw where a Baptist Church had a sign that read “better a Mormon than a Moslem” what is it with these Baptists?! Besides Moslems don’t have temple underwear heck they don’t even have a temple! Speaking of temple do you know that some Orthodox Christians call their church building “temple”! why not synagogue? I can just see it “St John Chrysanthemum Orthodox Synagogue welcomes U.
Also did you know that some “evangelical” churches have ATMs in their lobbies? I guess the widow’s mite doesn’t work anymore for them. Maybe they are like the pastor in the church in Florida, what is it with Floridians, who told folkes in his congregation that they should montage their homes in order to pay for his mega multi million dollar building! I guess too it is similar to the Episcopal diocese that hired a consulting firm to “design their tithing campaign”, I am not making this up, who drew a picture of steps with dollar amounts leading up to a Jesus figure where the top amount pledged and given was displayed!
Or an advertisement made up of a Photoshop presentation of a conference and a “seminary”that in reality does not exist but is actually a marketing ploy for a web site.
Now I know it is not considered proper and in some quarters, read anyone over the age of 50, acceptable to satirize let alone criticize any religion and we see what happens to potentially democratic societies when that those in power make laws to prohibit such satire or criticism but it is very healthy both for the State and Religion to allow and protect satirical and or critical thinking and speech. Some may consider such commentary as offensive but what is really offensive is that they are not offended by chicanery and prostitution of religion by religion!


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