For us or against us

Saw where the Salvation Army says it wont follow non discrimination laws that forbid discrimination against gay folkes well it is high time that people who claim to follow Jesus stop wallowing in moral cowardice and condemn such action. If people like the very comfortable Episcoapl bishop of San Francisco wants “to work” with the Roman Catholic Archbishop of the same city, who calls gay people “morally defective” and equates gay marriage with pedophilia, becuase he understands and “respects” difference so be it but he has no moral clout with gay folke who understand that this is just another form of compliance with injustice. If the mainline churches want to do the same kind of dance to the tune of hype and spin in order to meet a national budget and not risk offending their rank and file you go right ahead but spare us your high priced and much touted symposiums and the religious celebs who are featured in them about the ” need for the church to be engaged in the world”! Either you are with us or you are not but don’t claim a “moral high ground” to avoid putting your butt on the line, Jesus certainly did not!


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