Stupid America

The indisputable fact is that guns are made to kill and those who insist that they are made for any other reason are fools. Some insist that it is only for target practice that they are made. well target practice has one goal and that is to make you a better shot and a better shot means you are a more efficient killer. Gun owners can rationalize the ownership anyway that makes their anemic moral character comfortable but again it is an instrument of death and the more available guns are the more people die! If your insultingly silly pathetic attempt at logic is to insist that it is people who kill and not guns there is no hope for you or the rest of the Republic! If, God forbid ,a child of yours dies becuase someone had a gun with which to kill them becuase people like you insisted that guns are a right, I hope you find comfort in that insanity but somehow I think you would not!

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