Getting Old in Asheville

You know you are getting older when on a snowy windy and cold night you think going out for the evening is not such a good idea maybe only to find the roads filled with many people who disagree with that assessment! Years ago I could never find an excuse not to go out and now I cannot find one to do so! I guess it is just part of the aging process. The truth is, few if any pubs, at least American pubs, really want “old people” sitting at the bar unless of course you have lots of money and can fill the till for the owners and the bar tenders. Being old reminds the young ones who the bar is built around anyway that they too have a rondevous with age and they know too that when that happens what will happen. In America the worst things that can happen to you in a youth worshiping culture is getting old and or sick becuase you are seen as worthless unlike cultures where, at least up until this century, age was honoured and wisdom that hopefully comes with is was valued. I remember being young once and looking at the old dudes and seeing many of them make damn fools of themselves trying to be something and someone they were no longer if in fact they ever was in the first place. I wish there was a place where old guys could go and sit and have the best bull sessions imaginable whilst downing a few or more beers. But they are no such places in Asheville that loves to call itself “the Paris of the South”! Well it aint!!! It is a trendy overly expensive rude “tre cooul” tourist trap with the highest cost of living in the state of North Carolina and the lowest pay scale in the state! Real estate and housing costs are obscene and we have a city government that never has met a “developer” it did not like. The city big wigs love the image of a “liberal town” but that is just a facade! Just ask the homeless and the poor if you doubt that! It has a police department that does not answer to any one especially the poor, the homeless, the immigrant and the truly liberal folkes and to add insult to injury it has the city council in its pockets so there cannot be civilian oversight of its actions and behavior! Oh well one day please God I will wake up and find myself on the Outer Banks in the meantime when my designate driver duties are over I will have several glasses of wine!


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