The Question

I read comments on a site that posed the question “did Jesus die for your sins” and was very saddened but not surprised at the majority of responses that were so vitriolic, hateful, and demeaning that they were hard emotionally to read! However I did not feel that most people who were saying these insulting and angry things were doing so to be either insulting or hateful but rather revealing however unintentionally how little Christianity perhaps resembles Jesus. I responded by saying that if you believe in Jesus the short answer to that question is yes and if you do not the question and the answer is irrelevant. As a believer the notion of a blood sacrifice to appease an angry god has never held much appeal for me but the idea that God Incarnate lived amongst us as one of us to bridge the chasm between the Divine and the Human even to the point of giving up of his life rather than giving up to power and egocentric idolatry and hate does appeal to me. In my humble opinion Jesus was and still is a mirror and when people look into that mirror they see either redemption and wholeness and life or they see separation and death. Do I believe in sin, most definitely, and do I believe Jesus delivers us from it absolutely, and in that belief the emancipation is at one and the same time both once and daily. Even the Scriptures give us a great clue to the answer when the Lord repeatedly says that he does not “require burnt offerings and sacrifices” but he does require amendment of our values and how we live our lives towards each other, the Creation, and ourselves. In other words if we are Loving we are of God and we are saved by the Love given freely and totally in the Person of Jesus and our sins are of no permanent effect but rather our lives are redeemed.


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