Cussing Episcopalians

I am not accustomed to seeing Episcopalians fight and cuss. Baptist yes, Pentecostals yes, Assemblies yes,Presbyterians yes, maybe Methodists once in a while but not American Episcopalians. In fact here in the mountains of Western N C it is not unheard of to have had the High Sheriff and his deputies separate congregants on occasion! However for Episcopalians that would have never been an option it is just not proper Episcopal protocol. But……
I have heard several years ago of police being called by the PB and her team to evict people from what she considered PECUSA’s property and others who do not agree with her calling the police to prevent such eviction. I have read exchanges on the ENS site that would straighten a Byzantine hair weave! People calling each other everything from apostates to secessionists and all in between. Very UnEpiscopal Indeed!
The Battle Royal seems to be the South Carolina Low Country diocese or former diocese depending on which side of the fence you are on or attempting to straddle. American Episcopalians used to be the best fence straddlers in Christendom but that does not seem to be the case anymore. Rightly or wrongly what many people see in this donnybrook is a battle to control monies and properties that are worth millions not a battle over conscience and belief and what this says to a world already fairly anti-church and anti-religious is “church is no different than any other corporation”!
People feel strongly about “place”, strongly about “sacred spaces”, and strongly about “family history” and all three are interwoven in this war between the National body and the local community. As my friend who is a life time Quaker said recently “why not let them depart in peace and let them take what they have built and leave a little for those who remain? What is the loss of that?” Good question indeed !


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