the new roman empire

Here is my “conspiracy theory” for the day. As everyone knows the Roman Empire was essentially divided into West and East and following the collapse of the first Imperial capital Rome, Constantinople was the last bastion of the Empire. It too would fall to Moslem invaders and then Rome was left to try and keep some vestige of an empire together. This took many forms including the so called “Holy Roman Empire” in all of its various forms. But the real and last incarnation of the Empire was and is the Holy Roman Catholic Church. This final version of the Roman Empire has a Caesar with absolute power and he is called the pope. The Roman Senate has been replaced by the College of Cardinals with all the Curia, administration offices and staff necessary to serve this ecclesiastical senate. This final version of the Empire is recognized as a sovereign nation and even has representation at the UN. The Senators or Cardinals along with their legates the bishops can and do enjoy diplomatic immunity something no other theocracy does. They are immune form prosecution in most countries where they have embassies if they choose to take advantage of it as did Cardinal Law a decade ago to avoid possible prosecution in the sex abuse scandal.

Now one of their foreign service officers a member of the Franciscans of Renewal went on record saying that many of the priests who abused children were “seduced’ by the children! He later “regretted” his remarks and this crocodile mea culpa has since been the answer to the outrage by any moral person hearing his remarks.

You just can’t beat an empire for deceit, manipulation, falsification and Machiavellian chicanery. Only the tea billies Republicans can equal this!


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