what is needed

I as you all know love “Call the Midwife” and I was thinking in a country like the US that has to debate whether or not we are going to care for the elderly, women, and little children as well as whether we care at all for people who are sick would it not be wondrous thing if there was an ecumenical order of nuns and or brothers that offered free health care to anyone who could not afford it! I mean considering all the money that the Episcopalians, Roman Catholics, Lutherans, Baptists, and all the other rich churches and yes they are rich surely they could help fund this. We have one such faith based initiative here in Buncombe County and it was begun by a very small parish of the Charismatic Episcopal Church which is a very small denomination so if they can do it why not the rich gals and guys. Maybe if their leadership would spend half as much time and energy doing this rather than trying to hold on to properties the least of these might be served as Jesus wants. the family clinic here which does not push their religion on anyone serves thousands of people who would not have any care if it were not for them!


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