thoughts on priests

I am not certain if my Latin which I have not studies since the Dark Ages is correct but I was reading several interesting comments on the priesthood specifically what is called ” the cultic priesthood” and the thought came to me that in the New Testament ” Royal Priesthood” of which St Paul spoke is “Novus Populus Dei” rather than the Levitical priesthood of the Old Testament “Populus Dei”! I think the Latin translators willingly or not, intentionally or not, mistranslated the term “presbyter” which in the Greek is “elder” the same way they, and I am sure here it was intentional, translated the word deacon when referring to women as “servant” but as deacon when it referred to men! I must confess the word for bishop that is often translated from the ancient Greek to mean “overseer” is a yuckie sounding translation becuase the word is based on the Greek notion of a “protector” and protector sounds so much better than overseer! In my humble opinion if we see every sacramental action as an extension of the Novus Populus Dei through these “offices” we do not have to worry about hierarchies and all the smoke and bells surrounding them. Jesus did NOT establish an imperial hierarchy rather he established the Radical paradigm that he or she who seeks to be first must be last and the servant of all!


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