silk dresses and such

Most of you know that I think the “girls in the red dresses” otherwise known as “Princes of the Chruch”( and by the way that is so not Jesus) need to sale all that expensive cloth and silk to any drag queen rich enough to buy it, donate the money to free health clinics and clear water projects, and take a job at minimum wage at KMart where you are not even allowed to lean on your register during the entire 8 hours of your shift, and then make the Vatican into an international city of peace. I say that in order to say this.
I have no quarrel with beautiful simple and dignified vestments. In fact I think that simple vestments lend themselves to the “art of worship” but I do have a quarrel with business suits, particularly worn in the chancel as the standard fare for clergy. If you do not want to wear a collar go causal but do not wear a business suit for it is the uniform of the market place and Lord knows the “Church” is already and for sometime now been whoring around with the money lenders in the Temple!
I don’t have a problem with a miter in that I see it as a symbol of a brick trowel and like a brick trowel the bishop should be helping put the mortar where it is needed! I do with the miters that would put you in danger of lightning striking if you wore them during a storm! If I may dare I would suggest a slightly different one for women bishops as most look like tilting beehives on their heads!
When I was growing up the preacher, he was never the pastor, the preacher only wore “a robe” when he dunked people in the baptistry. I am not sure why it was OK for him, and it was always him nor her, to wear one to get wet but not otherwise. I think the reasoning went something like this. Robes for preachers are liturgical and therefore bad becuase liturgical means sacraments and sacraments mean Catholic or at the very least Episcopalian.
I remember when there was quite a stir of controversy when my folk’s church got choir robes and then had “bulletins” which cause some people to leave becuase that was “too formal”. For those who do not know “bulletins” were folded paper that had the order of service and any announcements the preacher would be making.
I don’t know which is worse a church governed by closet drag queens like the Romans largely speaking or a bare bones austerity of art and objects.

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