To all the fashionable cyclists out there who ride your bicycles dressed in your ever so trendy “uniform and helmet”, that never obey the “rules of the road” do not pay taxes like car owners, that do not pay for your tags if you even have one, that are not required to pass a riding test nor have insurance please don’t ask me “to share the road”!


  1. Unfortunately for you, the only taxes drivers pay are for emissions. No emissions from bikes = no cyclist taxes. Roads are maintained through council tax (paid for by everyone including cyclists and non drivers) so we are in effect subsidising the damage cars cause to the road. There are good cyclists who obey the “rules of the road” just as there are bad drivers who disobey them. In short, a horrifically biased article written, it would seem, by an untrained ape who has found a typewriter and is blissfully unaware of taxation and laws enforced by the government.

    • It is the mark of insecurity and the indefensability of one’s position to resort to insults as a from of response that it at its best adolescent. Let me inform you for clarity’s sake drivers do not pay only emission tax if that the were the case we would have no roads! We pay for the use of the highway. Cyclists use the roads and most not for necessity or for the purpose of transportation but for leisure and sport. In so doing they pose a threat to public safety for the rest of us trying to use the roads for the conduct of our personal and professional lives.
      If you are so certain of the good aspects of cycling why are you opposed to insuracne and tags and user fees? Would this not go a long way in building bike lanes so that the safety of both the cyclists and the drive would be protected and enhanced or is that too much a burden on the yuppie class? In short get over it!

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