you are already one

To women who are told by old aunties in red dresses or white ones who wear a silk beanies, to gay men who are told by old dowagers in black veils adorned with bling bling and by other over fed pompous preachers that you cannot be a priest, rejoice for you are already priests! Your baptism into Christ makes you a priest in a royal priesthood. Every time you comfort someone that is hurting you are acting in a priestly manner, every time you forgive an enemy and pray for them you are conducting a priestly action,every time you assure someone that God is love and that mistakes and sins are forgiven you are being a priest, every time you hold the hand of someone that is making the final journey from this world to the next you are being a priest, and every time you embrace the least of these you are being a priest and when you invite Jesus to sit at table and sup with you you are the vessel by which Eucharist is shared. So you are already a priest. Forget the religious monarchs and the theocrats someday perhaps they will find out what you already know and live!


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