An attempt at Chardin?

What if God is Pure Energy and we are but a molecule and atom of that Pure Energy before we assume a corporeal existence and when we cease being corporeal we return to our previous state. What if however there is a Consciousness that is inseparable from Pure Energy and as we experience the metamorphosis from incorporeal to corporeal or to put it another way from linear to circular dimensional reality we too carry a Consciousness. Still further what if our miniscule Consciousness that we posses when we are corporeal or linear is transformed and matured when we become incorporeal or circular dimensional. What if we however move away from Pure Energy by actions that prevent the Light which is Pure Energy from incarnating into our Consciousness and until those actions are stopped or changed we remain in stasis. What if Pure Energy assumed corporeal limitations in the body of one Person to give even the very substance of Light over to death and in so doing forever changed the metamorphosis so that nothing could prevent Pure Energy ultimately from incarnating in every life form and in every universe!

Bishop Andrew Gerales Gentry


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