“Resurrection by Food Chain”

John Crossan who like Jack Spong is a religious celeb and a “sweet heart” of and on the far left and considered an apostate on the right. Like Mr Spong he has made a very good living on shocking people with sometimes very caustic remarks that endear him to those who regard all things “orthodox” as suspect. He is very intellectual and would make for a good dinner guest at high tea. One of his comments I thought of as we approach Pascha is the one that says that the body of Jesus was eaten by dogs and thus any doubt in the Resurrection according to him was neatly taken care of by the food chain! I don’t think he credits the food chain but hey if the dogs eat you then it is the food chain. In a world and culture especially like ours that eats its young and thrives on conspiracy theories can’t you just see ancient Roman Jerusalem in an uproar about the execution of a radical rabbi. Into this Greek like tragedy his closet followers gather and decide to take the body of this rabbi and either throw him into Gehenna or let the many dogs that roamed Jerusalem in search of food eat the body. Next they decided to start a rumor that the rabbi had risen from the dead. At the time of this execution there are about 300 or so self proclaimed rabbinical messiahs. A number of their followers claimed that their rabbi rose form the dead. But interestingly enough only ONE of those rabbinical messianic communities whose faith/belief or whatever you want to call it in their teacher survived and not only survived but has lasted for over two thousand years with millions and millions of adherents! Jack Crossan like Jack Spong have never been able to quite fully explain that except in the most anthropological terms but never in terms of witness to faith and to a person and event!


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