A Response to Conservatives

I never knew that outside of the papacy so many conservatives believed in infallibility… that is their own. No wonder why conservatives spend so much time defending the greed that is their god called profit and the mythology that is bibliolatry. Our salvation is in Jesus Christ not Scriptures which after all was given to us by the community of faith not the other way round. Their fear a secular state where religion either stands or falls on its own merits or lack thereof.
They are no different the Taliban for they have forgotten or they do not know that God neither desires nor needs either a district attorney or a public defender! Lastly I am reminded of two comments, one a remark made by Roger Williams who was relentlessly condemned by the conservatives of his day called the Puritans, you know the ones that once hanged a dog on suspicion of being a Quaker, who told those self appointed guardians of “orthodoxy” that if his colony sheltered heretics who were destined to hell at least they had the freedom to be a heretic! The second is the godly counsel of a Yiddish proverb “never argue with a moron lest a stranger passes by and cannot distinguish which one is the moron”! I bid you peace and a new Pentecost for obviously you missed the first one!


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