“news of the weird”

In a local newspaper there is or was a section called “news of the weird”. Inspired by that I wondered “where is there a lot of weird” and immediately religion came to mind! Not the obvious weird of lunatics like Westboro Baptist or the Muslim Brotherhood or any assortment of Talibans by whatever name they choose but odd events and such here in the US or perhaps in the UK specifically amongst “Christians”. Now this covers a multitude of positions and theologies even though some denominations seem to have more than their fare share of weird and I am not referring just to the snake handling kind, if you get my drift.
First did you know that according to Mr Spong Jesus never said the Seven Last Words in fact Jack even goes so far as to claim, erroneously so I might add, that “all scholars” believe this! That is weird becuase it is not true and in fact other than folkes like Dr Borg who says that Jesus was just a Jewish mystic I can find no such agreement. But undaunted Mr Spong has wonderfully offered to replace the Good Friday Liturgy with up beat, modern, digital meditations that are pluralistic and monist. He goes on to say that Good Friday is more about Bach than Jesus. Imagine that and to think all these centuries everybody was wrong and now the enlightened emerging seers of the modern intellect are here to rescue us from our superstition! But wait how then do these folkes explain a service with an “inter-religious” litany held at a very famous church in Manhattan that invoke the long dead Egyptian god RA and the “god of the underworld” surely Mr Spong and Dr Borg would recoil in disbelief at such invocation! Oh I see it only applies to Christianity! Go figure!

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