General Matters

Matters of questions and strange occurrences: Today in the Coptic Church is the feast of St Isidore Companion to St Sina the Soldier. Now according to the Tradition of the Coptic Church these two “beloved friends” had a vision of their martyrdom. What is interesting is that this vision came to them as they lay sleeping with each other. The account continues with their forced separation from each other and the brief reunion which again according to the account was joyful when they saw each other and were reunited for a time. You think these two were gay? Sure sounds like it and it would not be the first time “the church” has tried to hide such a fact. In the New Testament Church and for some time thereafter saints who had loving same sex relationships were very common. So what happened? the same thing that happened to the role of women in the leadership of the church! But the times they are achanging! Thanks be to God!

Second matter: People like Marcus Borg, David Crossan, and Jack Spong and Katherine Schori don’t believe in the Resurrection. In fact Mr Crossan believes that the body of Jesus was eaten by hungry dogs in Jerusalem and so for him the food chain took care of the remains very nicely. They all pretty much believe that Jesus was a sort of enlightened Jewish good ole boy, which by the way detractors and skeptics have been saying this from the first day of Pascha no surprise there. In fact I guess for them if it happened, the Road to Emmaus was nothing more than a “high” produced by a flashback which accounted for the warming sensation the disciples experienced! But anyway if these dudes believe that, then why bother with Pascha at all? Why waste their time on what they believe to be a mythological non event? What do these people do if anything on Easter, hunt eggs and eat candy out of colourful baskets or just have a jigger of scotch? Ah Sophistry thy name is “scholarship”!


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