“So they will know”Maundy Thursday March 28th

“So they will know” boy o boy have we not blown that one!
Jesus in the most wonderful way and in the cultural expression of the Jewish Faith provides for a new Passover which he gives to us all. He also makes it clear that a new commandment.,”Love One Another”, is what validates this new Passover and makes it Real. He even goes so far as to say that Bread and Wine become his Body and Blood that is, when we in Love sit down in fellowship with each other He, Very God of Very God, is in our midst! To “remember” in Hebrew thought is to participate in the ongoing reality of the event something which the West is still not comfortable.
We call today “maundy” becuase it is the old English word derived from the Latin Bible that means “command”. At the Lord’s Supper Jesus commands us to sit at Table and to love one another in so doing. It is the only act of worship and fellowship that He commands us to do. All others are just skim milk, to borrow a phrase from a Supreme Court Justice!
Why do so many people hold very negative views of God and especially of Christianity it is becuase we have and do fail to observe and to live this New Commandment!


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