The Fairy Tale?!

For those who think the Resurrection is just a child’s fairy tale and a myth:
This is so sad! Why is there a contradiction between a Risen Christ and seeing Christ in everyone! It is because of a Risen Christ that we can see God in other folkes. Why is it that people in the “free thinking” philosophical churches have such a problem with the “literal”? Is this not arrogance wrapped in the shroud of intellectual idolatry! A cadaver come on! I guess for “free thinkers” it is much more comfortable to think that Jesus body was eaten by hungry dogs in Jerusalem as Mr Crossan believes than to think that God is powerful enough to overcome death and not only the death of the soul but of the body! Imagine a Deity actually conforming to the idea of what we in our limited capacity define as supernatural. I am afraid if I walked into a church and heard a sermon full of sophistic pluralism and intellectual truisms to accommodate my modern sensitivities so as not “to turn me off” with all kinds of children’s “fairy tales” I would just leave and not waste my time or the preacher’s efforts.

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