Obama’s Betrayal

Obama betrayed us. Rather than prosecute one thieving banker or investment broker or oil executive or speculator not to mention the other appeasements he has made to the Republicans, rather than saying as FDR once said to them “we welcome their hate”, or as Harry Truman would have told them “go to hell” no Obama decides to “rein in the deficient on the backs of the most vulnerable, the poor and the elderly! For a man who graduated from Harvard how did he managed not to learn the difference between compromise and appeasement! Because of his gutless so called “centrist” positions and his coddling of “conservative” Democrats and his repeated giving in to the Republicans who repeatedly spit in his eye the Democratic Party lost the House to the Tea Billies and have created state after state disasters that would deny millions the right to vote! I have tried to support this man but when he wants millions of folkes SS and other necessary programmes cut to achieve his appeasement he has caused me to lose all respect for him or his administration. He an Harry Reid and all the other turncoats should be thrown out of the Party!


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