“No Centrist Again”

When President Obama was elected for his first term he had a majority in the Senate and in the House. He had a unique opportunity to make the change he had promised but what happened. Mr Obama decides that he wants Republican participation even though they had promised that they would not give him the time of day and that their only objective was to deny him a second term!
He appoints several mediocre and conservative Democrats to “work” with these Republicans avian seeking a “centrist” solution to his health care programme. In addition he does the same thing with his pauper’s stimulus bill.
So what did we the American people get for his appeasing of the far right and his fundamental belief in “centrist” government. Well first we get a watered down version of a “health care” law that makes millions for the insurance companies. Next we get almost no Federal construction and jobs thereto for a quickly deteriorating infrastructure.
The robber barons of Wall Street make out like the bandits they are even to the point of making millions in bonuses. BP and other oil companies and speculators make so much profit that it is immoral becuase the centrist policies of the Administration allow them to do so. But everyone else is hurting.
For all the President’s centrist overtures and appeasements we get a Tea Billie Majority in the House and in enumerable state legislatures replete with voter suppression and other blatantly unconstitutional measures.
Now as if the President has not given away enough already we have a Democratic Administration, a gutless Majority “leader” in the Senate willing to begin the dismantling of the social net FDR and his Democrats began! Typical of the White House spin this is done in the name of compromise and we are told “not to worry”!


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