Tourist Trap Asheville

Seems that Asheville NC, the self named but incorrectly so “Paris of the South”, got slammed in a review in the Huffington Post! The review concluded and in not so kind a way that Asheville is a tourist trap but even worse it refuses to admit it! For all my Facebook friends who might consider visiting just remember the traffic is horrible and everything is way over priced! Asheville has the highest cost of living in the state of North Carolina and the lowest pay scale! The city likes to give the appearance of a “liberal friendly place” but be forewarned that “commitment” is about as deep as a Texas mud puddle in July!
One other thing: Asheville has a lot of “vanilla” liberals especially in the city government and civil rights organizations. We have a number of these who gleefully party with the homophobic republicans and the stupid queens they employ!

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