Readings for April 20th

“To whom shall we go?” indeed!

Today April 20th in Coptic Church it is the Commemoration of the Falling Asleep in the Lord of St Alexander of Jerusalem and the Feast of St Antonios of Tamoui. In the Mar Thoma Church of India it is the Feast of St Eugene the Abbot. In the Russian/OCA Churches it is the Feast of Ven. John of the Ancient Caves in Palestine (8th c.). Martyrs Christopher, Theonas, and Anthony, at Rome (303). Hieromartyr Paphnutius of Jerusalem. St. George the Confessor, Bishop of Antioch in Pisidia (9th c.). St. Tryphon, Patriarch of Constantinople (933). Ven. Nicephorus, Abbot of Catabad. Monk Martyr Agathangelos of Esphigmenou (Mt. Athos—1819). Ven. Simeon of Philotheou (Mt. Athos—16th c.). In the Roman Church it is the Feast of Blessed John Finch, martyr. May these and all our Holy Companions pray with us and for us through Jesus Christ Our Lord Amen+


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