The Great American Lie

When I was growing up I was constantly told that “in America” hard work and dedication would guarantee you a good life. But even then as I looked around me and saw people who worked Very hard and were Very dedicated to their jobs I wondered if that was really true. After all, these hardworking and dedicated people had a hard life or as we would have said them “a hard row to hoe” and whether it was good or not was certainly up for debate.
As I grew into adolescence and begin to question the status quo, amongst other things, I learned of “The Protestant Work Ethic”. It was the first genuinely objective heresy I ever encountered. There was a professor at Wake Forest University who had written a book that I would later read portions of that even further convinced me of this. The book was entitled “Of Mill Hands and Preachers” and it showed the relationship between the robber baron industrialists and so called “Christianity” that told the poor “lint head” that “Gawd” had placed him or her in his or her “place” and job, and that as good “Christians”, they should be grateful. In fact they should serve their industrial masters as they would serve God! This is just one part of the evil of the “Protestant Work Ethic”!
As I lost my grandparents to old age and as I watched my own parents age I was reassured that in the end they would have the great benefit of Social Security and pensions that the companies they worked for had so graciously provided. This is of course was a lie and still is. Companies could raid the pension funds, or declare bankruptcy and nullify them, except for the executives, and the resulting robbery of the employees hard work and dedication was and is perfectly legal!
Now we are facing the real possibility thanks to the Republicans servants of the Devil, and the appeasement of them by the current Administration of seeing even the pittance that is Social Security being constantly reduced and eventually ended. The specter of “poor houses” that people of my parents and grandparents generations so greatly feared may be only a few years away.
The nail in the coffin of the common good is of course health care. Again despite the lie that we are a compassionate country the reality is your health is directly proportional to your ability to pay! Health care, life and death health care, is a commodity on sale to the highest bidder!
So as we age and face increasing health care concerns,rising taxes and diminishing retirement wages we learn the bitter truth about the “good ole U S of A”!


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