Islam and religion in general

The community of faith gave us the Scriptures not the other way round and when you idolize sacred script you pervert it.
Islam’s failure is the perception that Islam does not denounce terror as a tool of religious belief. This being said however there is a vast cultural divide between the law and concept of the separation of church and state and the practice of separation of mosque and state.
The concept of freedom of expression even when that expression is considered “blasphemy” or an “insult” to this or that religion is frighteningly absent in Islamic culture.
Any religion that would condone murder in the name of a deity is no religion at all. Any religion that needs or requires the state to enforce and or perpetuate its tenets is not worth a grain of salt.
Religion will have to ultimately disappear from the face the earth if there is to be peace but faith will remain. Institutional religion like so called free market capitalism is evil. After all it was religion married to power that killed Jesus.


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