those crazy Episcopalians

As a non-Episcopalian I am confused on some finer points of your code of canon law. When did the office of Presiding Bishop become “supra hierarchical”? Can your current PB act unilaterally and without the consent of the Convention? How do you explain that under the General Principles of Neutrality in law ,with regards to property and monies, your national body cannot claim ownership of said property and monies. Unless there is a mutually agreed to and executed deed of trust, and such a trust does not exist anywhere in the ECUSA, the National body cannot claim said relationship. Is the National Church a separate entity above that of the local diocese and or congregation? If so when did this change occur? After all ECUSA is not an or the “Established Church” operating under national statues!
But all legalities aside the message that you are sending to the “non affiliated” people in particular those under 40 is that in TEC what is of importance is money and property not the Gospel.
There are many folkes who consider themselves progressive who consider Mr Spong a good deist Unitarian and something of a self made religious celeb but nothing more and many that consider Bishop Schori a fine CEO that is faithful to her business model of leadership.
The question not only for TEC and most of the “mainline churches” is as old and as new as the question put to Peter by Jesus, “who do YOU say that I am” and unless you can answer that in a clear, simple, and authoritative way you are adrift on the pilgrimage we all are called to follow.


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