IF it sales

“If it sales it is good” is the creed of the American religion we call free market capitalism. It does not matter if what is sold is evil, destructive, false, unhealthy, offensive, profane or even treasonous as long as it sales it is “good”! This is why we have the most guns of any nation on earth and one of the highest crime rates. This is why we have a so called heath care system that ranks amongst the industrial nations of the world as one of the worst! This is why we have, second only to China, the highest prison population on earth! This is why we have had some of the worst environmental disasters in history and why the oil companies make out like bandits despite such disasters.
You see guns make money for the manufacturers. Poor health care makes money for the insurance companies and the doctors and hospitals not to mention the politicians that support them. Prisons that are “privatized” makes money for those who own and run them. Even environment disasters makes money for the oil companies.
Those who commit these “sins” against humanity and the planet honestly, selfishly, with complete delusion believe that money can and will cure everything and if it does not then we will simply abandoned this earth that will become a universal cesspool and find another one to spoil and plunder! For them there is no cause to panic as long as you have money but if not then well you are just “collateral” damage. These worshipers of the ego see those with little money or none at all as nothing more than fodder to be used in the service of “their bellies” to use a Biblical phrase.
We have only two choices my friends, either life or death ,and it is life or death by our own collective hands. Understand this no politician cares really what you think or say and no business or corporations cares whether you are sick or well but they both care whether you can or will pay them for the treason visited upon your houses!

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