On the pending trail of a Methodist minister

I commend Dr Ogletree for his courage and his witness to and for the inclusivity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is to Him and our conscience that hopefully His Spirit has influenced that we owe our first and foremost allegiance not to the any institution not even the Community of Faith.
The Sacrament of Marriage is a covenant made and exercised by two people in a loving, faithful, and committed relationship. As St John so clearly teaches us where there is Love there is God and God, who is not bound by our cultural or limited understanding of human life and relationships blesses such a covenant and his Body the Church must do also. To do otherwise is to defy Jesus Himself!
I was officiating at such weddings 30 years ago when there was no church of any denomination that would allow such a blessed service. Indeed the first wedding of two people of the same gender I had the honour to witness and bless in the Name of God was held in a restaurant above a gay bar where only the week before I had baptized one of the partners. People who had not received Holy Communion for years came forward to do so that day and on the day of the wedding!
I would if I could tell Dr Ogletree anything is to remember if they decide you are not kosher just remember you are in most excellent company that includes Jesus himself and many of his saints!

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