“Re-imaging” Really!

The Episcopal Church leadership has learned nothing from all the division that has occurred in the last several years. Despite millions of dollars spent in needless law suits to retain property and monies and to prevent the dissidents from taking said treasure with them, and despite the continuing decline in membership ,the leadership is oblivious and blithely ignorant of what the real cause for the decline may very well be. This is evidenced by their “re-imaging task force”.

You could expect a corporation with a brand name that was in trouble in the ratings game with the resulting drop in revenues to decide to re-invent their brand so that they might capture a larger share of the market but not a faith community! Unless that faith community has so lost its foundation and purpose that for them the only alternative must be one out of the market place no matter how much at odds that is with the core meaning of its sacred literature and theology!

For a faith community that claims an identity with Jesus of Nazareth image is NEVER a consideration, NEVER a reason, Never a cause, but rather it is one of faithfulness to the Person and Gospel. The very fact that the Episcopal Church leadership turns to Wall Street and the modern day carnival barkers along with their lackeys the “consultants” instead of prayer, Sacrament, and witness speaks volumes on how they view faithfulness and the life of faith it commands and requires.

As long as this Church is more stage and drama than substance and truth it is in great danger of becoming a living anachronism and an object of curiosity if any is left by the end of this era!

Bishop Andrew Gerales Gentry


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