The Curious Case of Mr. Snowden

In a orgy of self righteous hypocrisy the Obama Administration and “leaders” in the Democratic controlled Senate, along with fellow Democrats who capitulated with them in the House, as well as the expected support of the Robber Baron Republicans have all engaged in a hue and cry against a patriot that dared to exposed their violation of the 4th Amendment and therefore unconstitutional efforts of illegally spying on all American citizens including but not excluding the conversations they have on their phones and via their emails! In addition this patriot exposed also the violation of other nations, including allies, of their sovereignty. For this brave and proper action Mr Snowden has been branded a traitor. How convenient!

Now to all those 2nd Amendment Fanatics I guess your idolatrous, insane, and illogical misunderstanding of said Amendment along with your all your guns and other ordinance did not prevent ONE single violation of your 4th Amendment rights by a government you thought those weapons could defend you against!!!! Poor redneck servants of the god of mammon you had better wake up!!!!

Bishop Andrew Gerales Gentry


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