Peace be with you.

I hope you all are well and enjoying the rain!

My 92 year old Mom is still mostly “with us” and I have become her primary care provider. Who ever coined the term “the long goodbye” certainly knew what they were talking about. It is very difficult to see your Mom slowly but surely loose her cognitive abilities and her memories. I occasionally see flashes of her wit and humor and those are very precious to me.

I had an acquaintance tell me the other day that Huffington Post had named me as one of the most 100 influential religious leaders in the GLBT community. John and I looked and sure enough there I was picture and all! As I told him this and 2 dollars would get me a cup of coffee downtown! It was a surprise to say the least and an honour.

Since I have retired from almost all social media I don’t keep up with news and opinions but have noticed that if what I am told is accurate the Community Relations Council is exactly what the City wanted which is nothing more than window dressing for Asheville. No surprise there. After being repeatedly lied to about “substantive change” acoming it is precisely what I expected. The lack of interest and or support by much of the “Establishment” doomed any honest change. I have heard from a few Board members about the “black balling” and character assassination of former staff members and the former director and again there is no surprise there either.

I continue my retirement and write only an occasional blog. I am now 66 and as good as the retirement feels I hope to resume part time work soon.

Do take care.



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