Clarity in and Amidst Confusion

My Mom who is almost 92 and in the progressive stages of dementia said today that ” I know I have trouble distinguishing between what I dream, what I see on TV, what I imagine and what is real but I have decided that I am not going to worry about it” That is clarity that will add long years to life even in the midst of confusion born of dementia and it is clarity that can and does bring peace!

We all take ourselves way too seriously sometimes and we often give what we say and think a value that in the Greater Reality has little or no meaning and even less importance or note. We live in and many practice the culture even religion of celebrity. Our modern day witch doctors called psychologists and psychiatrists are swamped by people with wanting to be taken “seriously” which is just another way of saying “noticed, appreciated and even adulated. From talk show gurus, religious celebs, and “artists” called entertainers and all in between people are looking for either a bully pulpit or a special effects stage of a contrived fantasy that is always about “me, myself and I”. This is serious business with serious profits to be made regardless of the cost that people pay not in terms of money but quality of life and in those intangibles that are eternal. Jesus once said that it profits a person nothing to gain the whole “world” and lose their soul yet in today’s society the going price for a soul is very cheap.

Life is to be enjoyed in all its dimensions and that enjoyment has no price tag. As the prophet once said, and I am paraphrasing here, walk humbly with your neighbor and God and be kind to others and yourself. When the days come if they come when you cannot always separate the realities don’t worry about it!


Bishop Andrew Gerales Gentry


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