The Republican Agenda for N C

Make no mistake the Republican Oligarchs in Raleigh have a definite and preplanned agenda not only for the State of North Carolina but for Asheville and other “liberal” cities and towns. It is simple and it is right out of the Koch Brothers Playbook for the suppression of freedom and the denial of liberty. For cities like Asheville it is simply a matter of the state legislature amending, rewriting, or abolishing the the Articles of Incorporation and replacing it with a Raleigh based Republican skulk or den to “administer” the city! Unless pro democracy folks are very vigilant and willing to take to the streets and take back the ballot box this will happen.
The Republican Party serves and loves wealth indeed it worships wealth and consequently it is therefore fundamentally ungodly and anti Christian. You cannot be a Republican and profess Christ. Jesus tells us plainly “you cannot serve wealth and God”!
The white rich males this oligarchy represents realizes that their days are numbered and since they cannot engage in wholesale genocide they will engage instead in “containment” which is another word for voter suppression, racism, and nullification. In the end it is our wonderfully diverse military that may indeed save this Republic from these robber barons who want nothing more than the Plantation and the Confederacy that served it and will serve it again if they have their wish.

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