In Need of Affirmation?

If those that have no power, no influence, no voice, little or representation, a paucity of money, no status, or any other of the “marks” of the American concept of “success” affirms you and what you are as a human being then rejoice for you are real and not a contrivance or expensive imitation of a human being! But if those in power, those who are part of the club,those with status, those who have celebrity of whatever rank or kind, those accorded deference for having those emperor’s suits treat you with a dignity worthy of a diplomat then you better drop to your knees and ask for forgiveness and amend your ways or you will enter a lasting desolation where nothing is real ever, including you; and in the final administration of cosmic justice you will know it and know it bitterly. There you will taste only the cardboard of what is your life and measure!


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