the A of C

I am not Anglican so forgive me if I do not understand the relationship between the A of C and the world wide Communion. I thought the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury was only a titular head with no canonical authority. He is the first amongst equals kind of chap but nothing more. I understand the age and lineage as well as history of Canterbury as being something to respect and to perhaps listen to but nothing more. Am I wrong in this?
As to the donnybrook de jur tempest in the tea pot very unAnglican like carrying ons again as an outside I can tell you that as worried as TEC is about its “brand” or GAFCON about its “orthodoxy” the vast majority of people especially under 35 frankly my dears don’t give a damn! Anglicans like most of their fellow religionist have about as much influence or moral authority as their Roman Catholic bishops do and that is none. It is clear to most of us on the outside whether Christian or not that when all is said and done it is about the money, properties and investments. Be as inclusive as you will or exclusive as you will up and until it cost you money!
American “evangelicalism” is largely counterfeit and the servant of the god of mammon and post modernism is nothing more than the deification of the ego. Jesus belongs to neither.

The church is the steward of the Scriptures and it was the Church that gave us the Scriptures not the other way round. I believe in the inclusion of all people and the blessing of all loving relationships becuase I follow Jesus the Christ not despite it!


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