“Ryan’s” Being worse than Scrooge

A message sent to Ryan’s Corporate Headquarters on Nov.22 2013

I recently learned that you intend to be open on Christmas Day. I think you are making a very bad decision not only as a business decision but human resources one as well. It may be a trend in America but it is an immoral one. Employees who by their hard work earn for you your profits which not only meet your operations needs but also earn for your management no doubt a very comfortable living. Surely in consideration of them and their families ONE day a year at what is for most Americans the One time in which all family members can be together is not to much to expect from corporate. Your employees deserve this very minimum consideration. I have posted your decision on social media and will contact all my fellow clergy to ask you to reinstate this holiday time for your fine and dedicated workers.


Rev. Andrew R Gentry


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