Cracker Barrel

An open Letter to the Corporate Board of Cracker Barrel:

Dear Sir and or Madam,

I was not certain as how to begin the salutation since you have decided to support the hurtful and bigoted language of a bizarre person who appears on a cable television show called “Duck Dynasty”. Since this individual apparently believes that women should be “barefoot and pregnant” and submissive to men claiming as he does a Biblical “justification” for such stupidity and sexism, I feared that you had removed any women from leadership roles in your corporation because of your customer base support of this man.

In so much as this same customer base according to your recent statement was outraged that he would not be allowed to continue his hate speech, and for these misinformed and very intellectually as well as Biblically challenged folkes, such hate speech is allowed under the “freedom of speech” clause of the Constitution, a document few if any have ever read let alone understood, you made the decision that in order to serve the bottom line you would return this person’s trinkets to your shelves.

Does this mean that you intend to have Little Black Sambo dolls, Minstrel paintings, nude pin ups, paintings of sleepy Mexican peons, Indian head dresses and KKK memorabilia? After all many individuals like this perverted religious zealot have in the name of religious freedom of speech endorsed slavery, genocide, child labor and the belief in a Flat Earth not to mention a whole host of racially/ethnic bigotry disguised as “christian” beliefs!

Your decision is based solely on profit which is the religion of your corporation and sadly of this nation. It is not Christianity or anything even remotely resembling it that rules the bellies and hearts of a class of people who prefer hate and exclusion. If such a class is your bread and butter and apparently it is then may God have mercy on you.


Rev Andrew R Gentry


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