God is Angry so says a Republican

According to a Republican candidate for Congress the “reason” we are having tornadoes and even autism, yes autism, is becasue of gay marriage!!! God she says is really mad!!

So what have we done to deserve the polar vortex! work on the sabbath and if so whose sabbath? can you really piss off God by the kind of sex you have really, seems to me it is only when f..K the poor and the lonely and the sick and the stranger and the prisoner and the planet and manipulate folkes for profit and deny people health care and housing that God gets pissed and when God does he does not waste energy on tornadoes. Using the candidate’s mutant logic I think perhaps tornadoes are signs of the Divine Displeasure in her or him or whatever and in the entire Tea Party Republican Party which is evil with an evil agenda and with many evil people, Now that is a cause for truly being pissed off!!!


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